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July 26, 2017
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EmojiMom (available on iTunes for $1.99) will is an ultimate must-have for parents. It features 250 parenting emoji's that range from a C-section incision, to a mother pumping in a bathroom stall. It also includes emoji's that compare the size of a growing baby to different fruit and veggies ie: 6 weeks (pea), 24 weeks (eggplant) etc etc. It was...
Apple announced that they plan to release over 100 new & redesigned emoji characters with the iOS 10 update that will be out this fall. There will be more gender options whose skin colour can be adjusted. There will be also more family options, like a single mother and single father. Also included will be a rainbow flag and the pistol...
Did Instagram just pull a Melania Trump? You may have noticed your app got updated yesterday and looks a little different that before. That's because Instagram launched their new feature, Stories, which is oddly similar to Snapchat by allowing users to create a slideshow ("story") of pics & videos that disappear in 24 hours. Follows won't be able to like or...

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