December already?

I purposely slept in this morning. The past little bit has been crazy in my life. I love the hustle so I can’t complain about it though. That unfortunately means that things get shifted up and priorities get re-focused. My fitness routine took a hit, and unfortunately so did the blog – but December is one of my favourite months!

The joke in the family is that I throw up Christmas every year. I’ve always enjoyed the holidays – the music, the lights, the feelings, the movies. It’s been Christmas at our place since November 20th but now – it’s time for Christmas to go in full action! Movies, recipes, and more. We’re getting our yearly family picture taken this weekend, so we’re looking forward to that. Last year including matching pug sweaters (it was pretty epic).

So back to sleeping in. Yes, we all have a bazillion things to do – especially this time of the year – but it’s important to take the moments to focus on you. Whether that’s sleeping in, watching Netflix or whatever it may be. These things will keep you sane and that’s also important this time of the year, LOL! Also, as you know, I normally list my monthly goals but I think the main one is to get everything finish and end the year on a positive note. There’s already a lot going on, so let’s not add to it.

Anyway, this is an exciting month with a lot of surprises (& giveaways) in store so don’t go too far because it all starts tomorrow! :)

Cheers, Amanda


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