How in the heck is it August 1st already!? No seriously.

Hello old friend. And welcome to my fancy-dancy new website. I suppose we can call August 1st the “official” launch, so feel free to take a peek around. You can expect daily entertainment news, as well as a little bit of me thrown in here and there.

This summer has been quite the adventure. Aside from celebrating my birthday back in June (in Vegas – what?) I’ve made a lot of lifestyle changes. The main one being that I had food sensitivity testing done (which I’ve been wanting to do for years and finally, took the plunge. Friends, let me tell you that knowledge is power and I am down almost 10lbs since June 10, feeling stronger, getting my stomach problems under control, and overall just feeling “better.” The goal when I went to my naturopath was to feel my age (or even younger) and I’m finally getting the hang of that.

Another change I’ve made is to meditation. I’ve always wanted to incorporate meditation in my life, and I’m proud to say that I’ve slowly started to do that. The goal for this month is to be consistent with it and more frequent. Be calm. Be still. Be relaxed.

What goals are you going to try to hit this month? Comment below.

With summer slowly fading away (sigh), here’s to making the most of this month! Cheers!

Always, Amanda


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